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Our doors are certified to withstand break-in attempts in accordance with EU standard EN1627:2011 and comply with burglar resistant classes: RC2, RC3 and RC4. The higher the class the more time it will be required to overcome all the security measure we have put in. This in turn substantially increase the risk for burglar to be noticed.

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Our doors come with sound insulation by default and fire insulation can be installed on request. We use only quality and safe materials which retain their properties over the whole product lifespan. Doors can withstand over 30 minutes of direct fire exposure as an additional measure this duration can be increased to 45 minutes.

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Quality is something we are especially proud of. Having extensive manufacturing experience our processes and quality control practice have been tested by time and fine-tuned to benefit our customers. Starting from the plain sheet of steel all the way to decorations we guarantee satisfaction for years to come.
What distinguishes us from other manufacturers is that we are ready to implement your wildest dreams when it comes to door design and style. You can choose a variety of finish types, design patterns, accessories to express yourself. If that is not enough we are open to individual, one of a kind orders which would distinguish you from the mass.
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